Presentation Guidelines

Each paper will have an oral presentation and  a poster (on the same day). The length of the oral presentation is either 11+4 minutes or 5+3 minutes (presentation + discussion/Q&A). All full papers and a selection of short papers have long orals. Please check for details and inform us as soon as possible if you might require changes. We are exploring the option to have all posters printed locally at Munich for you. Virtual presenters / attendees will join a separate online poster session (e.g. in GatherTown) and  otherwise participate through Zoom. We would like to ask all presenting authors to upload a PDF of their poster (A0, portrait) and a pre-recording of their video presentation (up to 11 or 5 minutes respectively) by Monday July 4th to

By uploading the video you give us the permission to share it on the WBIR website (via YouTube). We recommend compressing the mp4 file, e.g. as follows: ffmpeg -i original.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -crf 28 -tune stillimage compressed.mp4. Nevertheless we expect all virtual attendees to present live via Zoom with screen-sharing.