Full Paper Submission and Review Guidelines

Authors and reviewers should adhere to the following guidelines:

Submission format

We invite submissions of 6-8 pages manuscripts (LNCS style, anonymized for double blind review, references do no count toward the page limit) for oral and poster presentations. Each submitted manuscript will be reviewed by several members of the program committee (PC) and assessed for quality and best means of presentation. Submission and manuscript format are as follows:

  • All manuscripts should be submitted electronically via OpenReview, which was setup for WBIR2022: https://openreview.net/group?id=WBIR.info/2022/Workshop/Biomedical_Imaging_Registration
  • Note, that by submitting and reviewing for WBIR you agree with the OpenReview process that means (anonymous) submissions and reviews will be made available to the public after the submission or review deadlines have passed (you can later withdraw a rejected paper).
  • The accepted full paper submissions will be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS; www.springer.com/lncs). You must adhere to the guidelines for authors and each paper must comply with the publishing ethics standards imposed by Springer and use the LNCS LaTeX and MS Word templates as available on the Springer’s website.
  • We are using the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for submission and review. You can use Overleaf to create your LNCS LaTeX document and generate a PDF https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/springer-lecture-notes-in-computer-science/kzwwpvhwnvfj#.WtR5Hy5ua71 
  • Supplementary material may be submitted in the form of videos and additional images at the time of manuscript submission. Do not include additional written material beyond image captions. All supplementary material must be self-contained and zipped into a single file (up to 50 MB). Only the following formats are allowed: AVI, MP4, WMV, PDF. While the reviewers will have access to such supplementary material, they are under no obligation to review it, and the paper must contain all necessary information and illustrations by itself.
  • A selection of best papers will be invited for an extended journal submission to Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging (MELBA).

Full paper criteria

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, those listed in Aims & Scope (see below). When preparing your manuscript for WBIR2022, keep in mind that your submission must fulfill the following main criteria:

  • Relevance to the WBIR community.
  • Originality of the work.
  • Clarity of the presentation.
  • Solidity of the methods.
  • Reproducibility and promotion of open data and source code
  • Soundness and persuasion of results and discussions especially with respect to validation issues.
  • Clinical relevance of the work.

Dual submission policy

Submissions that are substantially similar to papers that have been previously published, or accepted for publication, or that are submitted in parallel to other conferences with proceedings or journals, are not allowed.

Dual submission of your paper to a non-peer reviewed website like arXiv is allowed. Similarly, submissions that have been presented at non-archival workshops (i.e., venues that do not have publication proceedings or publish only a very short abstract) do not violate the policy.

The policy is enforced during the whole reviewing process period.

Anonymization guidelines

All submissions will undergo a double blind review process and thus need to be in compliance with the following anonymity guidelines:

  • Author and institutional information as well as acknowledgements of funding and contributors should also be removed. Please reserve the required space accordingly
  • We strongly encourage authors to make source code of presented methods available. To ensure anonymity throughout the review process you can use https://anonymous.4open.science  or similar tools.
  • Clues directly identifying any of the authors need to be removed from the main text.
  • References to work by the authors must be made anonymous in one of the following ways:
    • References to other papers by the same authors that are not yet readily available publications  should be listed as Anonymous” (with no other information) in the bibliography.
    • Work by the same authors that is published should be cited in the third person, for instance, In [5], Hello and Goodbye have proposed …” is acceptable, when reference [5] is listed as IEEE Trans. PAMI, 6(6):721-741, November 1984”.

  • The supplementary materials (if submitted) must NOT bear any identification markers.

Review Guidelines

  • We are committed to openness and transparency. We perform an open review process (papers are public during review and reviews are made public afterwards) and have open access for all papers presented at WBIR. We are transparent with regard to sponsorship packages and involvement from industry at the conference and provide freely available recordings of all presentations on the WBIR website afterwards. We urge WBIR contributors to use an open access policy as much as possible for the data and code. Reviews should be conducted with these guiding principles in mind.
  • Reviewers should always provide positive, constructive reviews and be as open as possible.
  • The review should include a short summary, a list of pros and cons and preferably ideas regarding related and future work.
  • Comments regarding lack of novelty need to be substantiated, e.g. by providing reference(s) to previous work.
  • ArXiv/BioRxiv papers are not considered prior work since they have not been peer-reviewed, therefore, citations to ArXiv/BioRxiv papers are not required.
  • Notification of acceptance is planned for End February / Early March 2022

Submission deadline

Thu February 3rd, 2022, 23:59 UTC-12